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Welcome to the journal management site for Human Technology

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Human Technology is an interdisciplinary, multiscientific journal focusing on the human role in our modern technological world. The journal provides a forum for innovative and original research on timely and relevant topics regarding the human dimension of evolving technologies, as well as new ideas and effective solutions for addressing human-technology interaction. Focusing on both everyday and business applications, the journal is equally interested in, for example, the social, psychological, educational, cognitive scientific (e.g., psychological, philosophical, cultural), and communicative facets and applications of human-centered technology. The editors of the journal are especially interested in ICT themes that serve to create a holistic human dimension in the current and future information society.

Human Technology publishes reports of empirical work, theoretical analyses, and reviews. It features guest editors and thematic issues and publishes peer–reviewed research and commentaries. Discussion and debate is encouraged, even on controversial themes.There are no restrictions on the background of authors, and published papers will reflect high scientific standards. The Human Technology journal will be of interest to scientists as well as commercial entities working to create a human-centered technological world. The journal is available online with no subscription fee.

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